Turn-Key Project

New turn-key project for screw making plant that we had erected and  completed in centre Asia, Uzbekistan last year (2015), Uzbekistan : JSC “Mexmash”.

Start from feasibility review, planning, to equipment selection in the initial stage to installation and commissioning of the all machinery in the later. The process involve 1) material ( wire) supply 2) heading 3) threading 4) pointing 5) heat treatment   and 6) surface finishing.

Due to it is a complete new project, we provide and offer technical assistance by means of experience technician to ensure the successful of the project leaving the proprietor rest assure of the project.

We believe it is vital to the proprietor that to engage with company, i.e Unistrong who are not only knowing the industry but capable to provide technical support is crucial to ensure the project being proper implemented!





Tooling & Machineries


Forming Die
Point Die
Trimming Die  
Transfer Finger
Thread Rolling Die



Problem analysis
Creating solution
After sales services

Project Management Professional certified personnel






                  Uzbekistan : JSC "Mexmash"


     Special Projects - Wire Pickling Line & Profile Steel
Automatic Wire Pickling Line Profile Steel