Continuous Automatic Wire Pickling Line Project


Unistrong from Taiwan offers turn-key project with tunnel type continuous automatic wire pickling processing line with 30,000 tons monthly capacity.  We provide wire rod pickling processing solution to meet the demanding criteria for automation and pollution control.


The pickling line is a special design close tunnel to minimize the exhaustion of corrosive fumes and maximum isolation to outside environment, operators, result in cleaner environment, and safe working conditions.


Throughout the entire tunnel, the required treatment medium and time can be controlled with automatic or manual for each type of material grades & types using our PLC-controlled system.


PLC system will monitor multiple cranes to transport material automatically through necessary treatment steps through various chemical bathes. For that reason, the final surface quality is high using less chemical and fresh water consumption. Other benefits of Unistrong tunnel pickling line is listed below:


• Hazardous-free working environment

• Qualified for world-wide environmental certifications

• Central and automatic control systems, automatic productions

• Minimum operator errors

• Low manpower requirements

• Optimized chemical consumption

• Ability to process multiple material types simultaneously

• Various treatment programs

• Uniform and superior surface quality

• Minimum treatment time, higher throughput rates

• Long service lifetime




  (Indonesia Line Operation in Y2014)


More Photos




   (Ningbo Line Operation in Y 2015)